Certain situations call for Guardianship. Moreover, critical mental and physical conditions of an individual could result in delayed decisions, inability to make the right decisions, and besides take care of themselves, as such they need for Guardianship becomes a necessity. Guardianship is an important legal role that is typically approved by a probate court. It allows and gives power to a person referred to as a legal guardian to take care, make a financial and medical and personal decision for the ward.

Legal guardian act in the best interest of the ward and their attention placed foremost. In spite of the severity of a specific mental and physical health condition, Guardianship puts the ward in a better position to have a better life and consequently a sense of belonging in the society. Guardianship is important. A guardianship law attorney can assist Long Island residents in applying for Guardianship for their loved ones. An attorney can also help determine the best type of Guardianship for your ward and provide a guide through the entire trial process.

Getting an appropriate Guardian.

Guardianship is only approved by the court usually after a case has been filed or petitioned for Guardianship. The court gives a hearing and after deliberation appoint and recommend a legal guardian. The court considers factors such as the conditions and unique needs of the ward, the location of the guardians and the ward, and the ability of the guardians to cater for the individual needs of the ward. Similarly, the court may act towards the ward opinion, family and friend’s opinion, or the guardianship attorney about who should be appointed.
A law attorney can assist in filing for Guardianship as well as represent your best interest in the court over the type and duration of Guardianship and also the appropriate legal guardian.

Who needs a Guardian?

Disabled persons and children are the most individuals who mostly have a guardian. However, Guardianship is not just restricted to disabled persons and children. Some people might need a legal guardian to assist in making decisions in various aspect of their lives, medical, financial representative, property management or whichever area they deem necessary, although in a more restrictive manner. A guardianship law attorney can assist you in determining how best to help you or loved one manage their financial and personal affairs.
Similarly, a law attorney can help in applying for the most appropriate kind of Guardianship for your ward. There are several types of Guardianship. Some are less restrictive than the other. For example in situations where a court deems it wise to grant a full guardianship, most notably for the ward who can make any personal, medical or financial decisions, the guardian, in this case, gets the whole decision making power over the ward. The less other forms of Guardianship are however more restrictive as in case of limited Guardianship or co-guardianship. The courts also grant short term or temporary Guardianship in the right situations.

You need a guardianship law attorney.

It all gets more comfortable with the help of an attorney who has the grounded knowledge to assist in getting the appropriate Guardianship for you or loved ones. An attorney can take on with drafting and filing a petition for Guardianship. Usually, this sets the first move to getting a guardianship approved — the court orders for a hearing to determine the case to decide who will serve as a guardian. A law attorney will guide you through the trial process from start to finish.
Furthermore, in situations where a guardian is appointed, a guardianship law attorney can explain your rights, the duties of the guardians as well as help file a case to disallow restrictiveness in airing your opinion in the decision-making process as well as change the terms or reject a guardianship. Additional, our attorney can file a document to challenge a petition for Guardianship.